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dynamic architecture

Dynamic Architecture Imagine a skyscraper that keeps changing its external shape because each floor can rotate independently from the others.

Imagine a building that has four dimensions...from now on buildings will also have the dimension of time.
Imagine a skyscraper that can revolve according to tenants’ needs and whims, leaving them to decide their own light exposition and view.
Imagine a building where you can choose the view by “speaking to the walls”, your bedroom that can rotate faster and faster.

Imagine that you can see the sun rise and the sunset, both, from the same room....
Imagine to park your Ferrari at the entrance to the apartment, going up the skyscraper with special fast car-lifts.
Imagine a green building that can produce energy for itself, thanks to photovoltaic ink and wind turbines.

Imagine a structure that is not built brick by brick, but is made of pre-assembled industrial modules with high-quality standards and stylish luxury interiors.
Imagine buildings that will have higher quality and will be built faster, completely tailor made, and will cost less than any other building. Imagine to start the construction of a building from the top.
Imagine a skyscraper that can be built over night. 

Imagine completely tailor-made luxury apartments according to the tenants’ personal requirements.
Imagine a building site that doesn’t have an impact on environment, that doesn’t pollute it, in which building time and risks for workers are truly reduced.

Dynamic Architecture, the new approach to construction and to real estate, to technology and life style, may make all this come true. The Rotating Skyscrapers may become the symbol of a new philosophy that will change the look of our cities and the concept of living. 

Above all – these buildings are another proof, to who ever needed it, that everything is possible.... that everything is unlimited through time and space... This strong belief and the vision of future life is a joint faith that connected me, David Fisher, to EXERGIA and its leader, Dr. João Pinto Germano.
Future is now,
David Fisher


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