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"Innovation means new or renewal. The word is derived from the Latin word innovatio, and refers to an idea, method or object that is created and it just looks like previous patterns. Today, innovation is a word most used in the context of ideas and inventions as well as related to economic exploitation; is the process that includes technical activities, design, development, management and results in the commercialization of new (or improved) products, first use of new (or improved) processes". 
SERA Sensor is a child of this new vision and philosophy. The demand for security is not a pretension, is a necessity. This device allows us to monitor all radiation emitted by mobile devices, becoming active agents in our protection. The studies, it’s said, are inconclusive but point invariably to the same: there are risks and consequences; the radiation is harmful in the long term, by which we understand [20-40 years]. It is necessary to educate others about this device’s dangers, that we have become fans of; as well as enable them to protect themselves, putting at hand mechanisms that ensure faithful readings, making easy the understanding of the hazards. SERA thus came to fill the information gap, not forcing to drastic actions, but by appealing to common sense. Exergia is proud to urge on the issue, relying on the competence and expertise of staff within, working out solutions.
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